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30. octobre 2017

pcGameware reviews Xilence Performance X 850W

11. octobre 2017

Performance X 650W wins three awards in Technic3D review

03. octobre 2017

Performance X 550W review at Computerbase

15. septembre 2017

TechTeamGB reviews Xilence Performance X 750W

04. septembre 2017

Performance X 750W review at Mod Your Case


Hardwareluxx reviews the Performance X 650W


Price/performance award for Performance X 850W at Gamezoom


Xilence Performance A + 530W in round-up at

03. septembre 2016

Bronze and Value award for Xilence A + 430W

22. juillet 2016

Performance A + 630 convinces

05. juillet 2016

Hardwareluxx with review of the Performance A+ 630W

13. juin 2016

Xilence Performance A+ series tested at

10. juin 2016

Xilence Performance A+ 630W review at

06. juin 2016

Gamezoom tests Performance A+ series from Xilence

02. juin 2016

Review of the Xilence Performance A+ 430W at

28. mai 2016

Recommended Award for Xilence Performance A+ 430W

25. mai 2016

Xilence Performance A+ 430W tested at Mod Your Case

24. mai 2016

Xilence M612 Pro user review on PC Games Hardware forums

29. septembre 2015

M403 and I402 convince technic3D


User review of the Performance C M403 at PCGH forums


eTeknix inspired by new Xilence cooler


Double Award for I402 cooler by Tech-Review


Silver Award for I402 by Mod-Your-Case


M403 receives Silver Award from Mod Your Case


Gamezoom recommends M403 cooler


Performance A 530 Watt as budget recommendation

10. janvier 2015

ComputerBase praises Performance A 530W

16. novembre 2014

HW-Journal inspired by the Performance A 630W

28. octobre 2014

HEXUS gives Value Award to the Performance A 530W

24. octobre 2014

Positive user review in the PC Games Hardware forum

24. octobre 2014

Detailed Performance A unboxing video

16. octobre 2014

Unboxing video and giveaway

14. octobre 2014

Value Award for the Performance A 730W

14. octobre 2014

eTeknix praises price-performance ratio of the Performance A

22. septembre 2014

Digitale Generation recommends Performance A 530W


Performance A reaches perfect score at TECHFIRE

31. juillet 2014

Gamezoom gives Silver Award to Performance A 630W

27. juillet 2014

Tech-Review impressed by quality and components

16. juillet 2014

Silver Award for the Performance A 630W

16. juillet 2014

Two awards for the Performance A 530W

07. avril 2013

Gold Award for Performance A 730W by Glob3trotters

05. mars 2012