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Heat-conductive paste X5 High Performance


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Xilence X5 thermal paste was specifically designed for high-end processors. The very high thermal conductivity ensures for an efficient heat exchange and low temperatures! The paste works reliably at temperatures from -50 to +300°C – therefore, it is particularly well suited for extreme overclocking. Since the X5 is not electrically conductive, there is no danger for the surrounding hardware! Contents: 2.5 g.

Technical Data

Viscosity 76 CPS
Heat conductance 1.45 W/(K·m)
Thermal resistance 0.023°C cm²/W
Dielectric constant A > 6
Operation temperature -50 ~ +300°C
Dimension 10 x 110 x 25mm

Logistical Data

Item number ZUB-XPTP.X5
EAN Barcode 4044953106941